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​2020 St. Paul's Carnival Association  Parade Award Winners

Sunday, February 23, 2020


Marquerite Owen Kalif Memorial Award     Grand Marshall Award

Matkin-Taylor Productions (Hindsight 2020), #9

Matkin Taylor Award     Best Overall Float

Krewe of Alibi's (Supporting our heroes), #19

Belle Taylor Memorial Award      Best Overall Masker        
Krewe of Roux (Video Gamers), #54

Frank Wittmann Sr. Award     Family in Town First Place   
Krewe of Cajun Persuasion, #22

Herbert & Katie Hanson Memorial Award     Family in Town Second Place   
Krewe of the Pecan Grove (Look at us Now), #13

Marquez-Lizana Memorial Award     Family Out of Town First Place 
Krewe of Wasted  Knights (Medieval & Superheroes), #25

Myrtle McDermott Memorial Award   Family Out of Town Second Place
Krewe of Sipp'n Away (General Mardi Gras themes), #39

Captain Dan Taylor Memorial Award Best Business in Town
Krewe of Kernival (Just Jazzin'), #44

Emilie Farrell Memorial Award     Best Organization in Town
Krewe of Legacy (Music o' Mardi Gras), #57

Googsie Rafferty Memorial Trophy     Best Business Out of Town
Krunk Krewe (LSU Themed), #80

Best Marching Band

Pass Christian High School


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